Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright

A lesser known hymn, “Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright” provides a gentler note of praise during the Easter season.  It is quiet, contemplative, full of expression, beginning and ending a capella, yet it is also constantly in motion, modulating smoothly from verse to verse.  Written in three parts in comfortable ranges, it is an excellent fit for smaller choirs.

Difficulty: Easy

Voicing: SSA, SAB, and Two-Part

Accompaniment: Piano


Easter flowers are blooming bright, Easter skies pour radiant light, Christ our Lord is risen in might, alleluia!

He then born to grief and pain, now to glory born again, calleth forth our gladdest strain, glory in the highest!

As he riseth, rise we too, tune we heart and voice anew, off’ring homage glad and true, glory in the highest!

Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Christ our Lord is risen in might, allelulia!

Christ our Lord is risen in might, alleluia!

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