Waiting For Christmas

Waiting For Christmas

This catchy and upbeat original song by Garrett Breeze and Matt Pace captures the essence of the holiday season by focusing on the small, everyday moments of celebration and anticipation throughout the month of December. Easy vocal writing embellished with a more challenging piano part create a satisfying piece that’s also a quick learner.

Difficulty: Easy

Voicing: SATB, SAB, SSA, TTB, and Two-Part

Accompaniment: Piano


The time is nearing for festive cheering, when all the town is strung with lights. With church bells clanging and stockings hanging and candles glowing through the night. When hearts are fed with some gingerbread and with gumdrops and pudding and pies, jolly music plays as we count the days ’til small faces light up in surprise!

We sing, sing with joy as we’re waiting for Christmas, dancing with everyone who comes our way, wishing them happiness and joy all season long. We sing, sing with joy as we’re waiting for Christmas, hoping tomorrow brings a better day, cheerfully waiting as we sing our hopeful song!

There’s mailbox greetings and cozy meetings and goodwill everywhere you go and present wrapping with all the trappings tied up in a green and crimson bow. We begin to see what the world can be when we learn how to love and to live. Then by New Year’s Eve all that we’ve received, a reminder of what we can give!

Sheet Music (SATB)

Sheet Music (SAB)

Sheet Music (SSA)

Sheet Music (TTB)

Sheet Music (Two-Part)